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a developing story in northwest washington. a man and two teenagers were rescued out of there, after suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. >> leon, the dad and the boy is a recovering at george washington. firefighters say they arrived just in the nick of time because of the people called 911. when they arrive, firefighters had to break down the front door of the sea in place home. the 49-year-old man stumbled out. two 15-year-old boys were unconscious upstairs. >> i asked him about his brother. he said, he is unconscious as well. >> james brown received a phone call from one of the boys this afternoon. he is a mentor to the brothers. >> when he called, he said he was falling down and unconscious periodicly. i told them to call 911. he kept going in and out. it was at that tim that i called my supervisor. >> you are dealing with the dead and sons being on the ground. that is all i hed. firefighters say the carbon monoxide levels work through the roof. >> normally in the 30 to 50 range. we had readings of four to 1000. >> the levels were so high the gas had seeped into two adjoining homes.
's family. his mother passed away tonight. he left washington yesterday to be with her. katherine jean biden had been hospitalized what since march and she was 92 years old. >>> a smoky smell on a flight caused an airport to close down. a connection flight to columbus, ohio was canceled. investigators believe it may have been caused by deicing fluid at the boston airport. nobody was injured. >>> airports have been extra cautious since the attempted bombing of a northwest airlines airplane on christmas day. this afternoon, the man arrested in that attack appeared in court for the first time. scott thuman joins us. he pled not guilty? >> that is right, not guilty plea for umar farouk abdulmutallab. he also said he was on pain pills for the burns suffered during the incident, where he now faces life in prison. under tight security, with barricades surrounding the courthouse, umar farouk abdulmutallab was brought in in this unmarked issue feet and brought underground. inside, he pled not guilty, on charges of trying to blow up this airplane and the almost 300 people on board. >> blowing up an ai
in the locker room done scandal involving the washington -- star player gilbert areanas has been charged with a felony for taking a gun to the stadium. >> i have been told by sources gilbert arenas did not appear today. he was not inside the building. just a few moments ago, he was charged with one felony, carrying a pistol in a dwelling other than his home or business. that is a felony. he publicly admitted that on december 21, he took for unloaded guns to the locker room there at the verizon center. that is for guns, but we only have one charge. -- that is four guns. >> we do not know if the single charge as part of the plea deal. we also cannot tell you what type of jail time, if any, he will be facing. authorities told a washington post that the plea deal would involve no jail time for the star player. we do not have confirmation on that at this point. could involve community service and him avoiding jail time altogether. >>> let's get to the weather, a little relief from the freezing cold temperatures we have had over the last few days. >> it is pretty good news. many committees top
they get better. test the 20 mile per hour winds are keeping washington d.c. and a deep freeze. a brief walk outside some of the unbearable. >> i enjoyed the snowstorm in december. it was fun. this is not fun. >> you need to prepare yourself for it. >> the season is less than one month old and we already have a blizzard that don't 2 feet of snow on our region and a lengthy cold snap. >> it has not been pleasant at all. try to stay out of the wind. try to stay dry. >> it is only going to get worse this weekend. some shelters are preparing to stay open around the clock. >> what we see is people are obviously coming in because they need to get out of the cold and get warmer clothes. they need food and they need shelter. >> these tourists are here from australia. they left summer down on there for a cold a visit. >> it is freezing but everybody said it would be cold but we were not expecting this. >> i am glad -- i am glad that i have thermal underwear. >> the shelter behind me in arlington opened about one hour ago. they expect there will be at capacity this evening. they plan to be open 2
. >> a southeast washington neighborhood was jolted today by a building collapse. >> and it was caught on tape, too. >> the collapse of the tower here earlier today was actually planned, at least, hopefully by the democrat-in crude, but some of the residents -- by the demolition crew, but some of the residents say there was too little concern for their health and property. as the demolition crew worked on what was left of the high rise next door, evacuated residents like pete stood in a parking lot of the fumes. >> my fatherec:w is 80 years old they gave us 15 minutes to evacuate. if i had been in georgetown, they would have put me up in a hotel or something. >> he was about to see even more damage. the crane hit the right spotand the tower next door disappeared, leaving dust and rubble behind in the apartment. the housing authority had once thought of renovating the tower, but now the plan is for new town houses. the evacuation [unintelligible] it was a mess, gazebo in tatters and stuff everywhere. >> they knew that we were sitting here. >> the city housing authority says it will pay all damages.
and their families back home. many are fearing the worst. live near sacred heart church in northwest washington. >>this church in northwest washington has a large haitian ministry. tonight parishioners here are very concerned about one of their spiritual leaders who is in haiti and has not been heard from since the earthquake hit. those folks are like many others in the washington, d.c., area, who are concerned about loved ones far away. grief and worry are gripping students on the campus of howard university. nearly 100 students and staff gathered at the university's chapel at noon to pay for earthquake -- pray for earthquake victims. she is worried about her parents, and she has not been able to contact. >> i just thought this was a nightmare. i just -- i just spoke to my dad two days ago and now i cannot find them. >> a sophomore is concerned that his parents did not survive the earthquake. >> i am nervous, very anxious, everything. because i have been calling since yesterday at 6:00 until now. i cannot get through. >> at the shrine of the sacred heart, fartther steve is playing -- praying f
lik 14e 15 in washington. more details in a minute. >> this weather is causing schools to operate on a two-hour delay. be sure to watch tomorrow when we have [unintelligible] and any word on other schools. >> it is official. jim zorn is out as coach. we have what fans think of the announcement. >> the fans are anxious to find out the latest of what is happening. nfl insiders tell me that the redskins have been negotiating for a while. there are reports that mike shanahan is in town. we know they did not waste any time. they fired jim zorn this morning. it was the wee hours. they left this building at 4:45 a.m. with escort. he met with the players and met with the media in an effort to change the direction of this once proud franchise. >> i just know that last place is not redskins football. >> that was the new general manager this afternoon. less than 12 hours after telling zorn that his run as coach is over. >> i just found out and that is a good thing. >> probably a good thing. i am sure the redskins will do better. >> zorn started six and two. but with this year's disappointing
in washington on friday. the embassy has asked the general public to stop dropping of supplff supplies. wokrers there were -- workers there were a rahm. >> they do not want any more bags or boxes. that has taken to a warehouse. martin luther king day volunteers poured in to help. >> along went around the warehouse behind the scenes general hospital. so many volunteers showed up, so eager to help out. >> you do not have to give something. i am not selfish or anything. i just want to give. i see people in worse shape than i am. >> they are asking for gauze and bandages. >> and there were orders to give out and waivers to fill up. several agencies and volunteer groups will be a close, trying to organize this massive effort. trucks carted 2000 bags and hundreds of boxes to the haitian -- from the and that -- embassy to the warehouse. everything from clothing to food to toiletries tissues, all needing to be organized. it is about noon here and the noise is deafening. hundreds of people are bagging and sorting and folding tons of detonations. some form human conveyor belts, passing boxes from one to
. >> would provide them locally in washington, d.c., and at our martinsburg, west virginia campus and online. >> our most adults going towards the online agree? >> we are. we have managed to develop an integrated environment on line and we teach those skills employers told us they are looking for -- teamwork, collaboration and effective communication. >> the number to call is 703- 647-1533. the professionals are here until >>> details coming out about former presidential candidate john edwards. >> edwards made a s tape with his mistress and a former aide found a copy of it. >> sex, lies and videotape -- the edwards scandal is getting more worrying. >> we are aghast. it is a sex tape of his mistress and john edwards. you never see her face. it is a visibly pregnant woman. >> elizabeth edwards is standing by her man no more. just yesterday, it was announced the couple is legally separated. this came one week after the allegations in the book the politician." >> he tried to convince our to have an abortion. he tried to convince her to have -- >> in his book, he detailed how he helped to cover u
it will drive down toyota's share of the american market. concern over the recall has spread to washington congress will hold hearings starting next week. john cochran, abc news, washington. it >> for more information on the toyota recall, go to our website,, keyword "recall." >>> coming up, was she stalking someone? a woman accused of hiding inside of her former lover's hotel room. >> the freezing temperatures did not stop hundreds of local kids from running into the chesapeake. >> new details about how john edwards planned to hide his mistress. >> next, the stars come out to say goodbye to a local radio legend. >>> it is that end of an era for washington, d.c., radio. today, my uncle donnie simpson signed off for the last time on wpgc. for 32 years, washingtonians have shared their mornings with donnie simpson. today, friends stopped by to wish him well. >> thank you. it is an honor. am i getting a ticket? >> no. >> blair underwood is on the phone? you have to be kidding me. >> music icons from smokey robinson to steve the wonder -- to stevie wonder credit him with propelling th
seven-day for weeks. >> many people around washington cannot wait for the biddle colt to end. but other places have been -- for the bitter cold to end. but other places have been caught off guard. >> of the icever potomac reminds us with the -- brings as a reminder of just how cold it has been in recent weeks. we are not alone. >> from a water main breaks in fairfax county, va., to the fear of widespread citrus shortages in florida, much of the nation continues to cope with the aftershock of an extended deep freeze. miami in the mid 30's, tampa in the 20's, tallahassee in the teens. that is the kind of data has been in florida, where one hardware store is trying, but cannot restocked are highly coveted space heaters. >> are they on back order? >> our warehouse does not have any. >> it is typically much warmer this time of year. while in memphis tennessee, it is so cold that volunteers are handing out sleeping bags to those in need. >> it is nice to knowhere's somebody out here who does care. >> and there has been such a stress on power grids due to the cold weather that there have been
. 30 in downtown washington. gusty winds at times and wind chills running into the low 20's. we will hang on to a fair amount of clout. we will drop through the 20's. and the overnight hours, only limited clearing. air temperature is 18 to 25. towards the end of the week, there is a possibility of some snow late thursday and into friday. another blast of arctic air. we will have all the details coming up. >>> before you head out tonight, go to the weather section of people find the current temperature of words you live and where you are going. >>> a woman had her baby literally cut out of her womb. she had to face the woman accused of attacking her. brad bell is live with the victim and what they're saying about this shocking crime. >> they are still very angry and cannot believe it happened. they are tremendously emotional. the mother who was attacked actually ran out of the courtroom when she first laid eyes on the woman who came at her with a knife. in the prince george's county courthouse, she came face to face with her attacker for the first time since she escaped
washington's political elite. these to college freshmen will be the guests of first lady michelle obama for tonight's state of the union address. both are products of the washington d.c. public school system. janell got a call last week inviting her to the event. >> i think us still have the samextent -- same excitement have had for a week now. i am interested to meet the other people who are going to be there. >> armstrong is freshman at the university of arizona. he got a call while an english class, and has not come down yet. >> i am excited. this is something i never felt before. it is amazing. >> they are prt of an internship program, and both visited the white house last summer. they say it will be an honor. they hope the president will address issues that face young college students like themselves. another local woman will be among the 24 invited guests. she will represent her husband, who is the commander of the fairfax county urban search and rescue team. that is the operation that you just heard has been in haiti and is now on his way home tonight. suzanne kennedy, abc7 news.
for where you live by going to the web site at >> >>> a developing story of a washington wizards blair. ntent is being charged with -- crittenton says he had a gun in his locker because he filled -- because he feared for his life. >>> three people were hurt when part of a store collapsed in southeast washington. it happened around 11:45 at the althoughzone in the 3900 block of south capitol street. investigators say a combination of long-term weather damage and vibration from nearby roads caused the collapse. >>> the latest on the hit the earthquake. local relief workers continue their work tonight. they're working around the clock. so far, the team has rescued 16 people from the rubble. they are delivering aid to several local hospitals and orphanages. one out of every nine people in that country are homeless tonight. >> some of the homeless workers did not plan on being there but when these earthquake struck, they rushed out to get there. >> he is back at work for a driver of the u.s. embassy in haiti. whenhe earthquake struck, his day job turned into a rescue mission. >> 15 mi
washington. >> of virginia businessman brought hundreds of poor people to the j.w. marriott hotel so that they could participate in the inaugural ball. they had a breakfast today. he was joined by none other than bill cosby who approves of what he has been doing and is trying to help him out. >> it was a cinderella story for me, considering that i spent 10 years on the streets of d.c., addicted to drugs and alcohol. that was fantastic. >> elaine is reliving that special moment a year ago when she was feted at the marietta as part of the people's inaugural. >> we got the hair and nails and the downs and all that. >> the bill was paid by a virginia businessman and the stafford foundation who marked the occasion a year later with a breakfast with bill cosby. >> i said does jesus know you are acting like that? >> they are promoting doing good. asking people to get involved in helping others. cosby is charging nothing for his appearance. >> i saw it on television. i call them and said, i like what you did. can i give you myself? >> bill crosbie take a television advertisement for the staf
to and search under keyword help. >> a big story played out in washington. gilbert irinas it pleaded guilty to carrying guns into the locker room. the punishment that he is likely facing. >> this judge seemed pretty strict. the attorney for gilbert of arenas was asking to expedite this so we could get to the sentencing portion. the judge said he wanted eight weeks and he has got it. what just happened, he was processed and went to the processing unit at the metropolitan police headquarters just down the block from here. he has been released pending his next court date. he arrived at superior court and said absolutely nothing. he pleaded guilty to carrying a weapon without a license. the judge said he could be sentenced up to a maximum of five years. detect accepted the plea deal and will have to wait eight weeks until the next court hearing. >> he might get service or something. he will not be inside d.c. jail's. >> he and a teammate got into a heated argument over a bat. he apparently threatened to burn his vehicle foor shoot him. he later said his statements were made in
companies already have similar policies in place. sending text messages is banned in maryland and washington d.c. as well. >> what it easy on the road? >> people sending text messages or putting on makeup. people don't take all that seriously. >> today in a press conference, the department transportation said they will be working with cell phone companies to come up with ideas to enforce the ban when it comes to bus drivers and truckers driving 18 wheeler's up and down highways all across america. if somebody is caught doing it, the fine could be as much as $2,700. >> hazardous materials crews were on the scene of an overturned tanker this morning. a kerosene tanker trk overturned in upper marlboro around 10:30 this morning. the truckhad an active week and the parties chopper flew over the scene. crews pulled the driver from the truck and evaluated him at the scene. coming up, it is being called the car of the future. but as the electric powered chevy volt live up to the hype? >> massive mudslides trap tourists. >> what virginia >> more chaos in haiti tonight. >> as relief comes in, thousand
more. visit... >>> controversy is growing after the closure of a restaurant owned by a washington redskin. >> he went to borrow money, and never saw it again. >> i gave my friend a loan. >> he is blowing the whistle on the former redskins linebacker and his failed restaurant that abruptly shut its doors just before christmas, leaving employees in the cold. >> many of them, it was the only source of income. >> the focus on marketing and business development. he claims that he gave arrington a series of loans totaling $68,000 to keep the restaurant opened after the former football star declared bankruptcy this summer. >> they had to pay their employees, they paid the rent to keep the place going. we thought we were helping, and we were digging a bigger role. >> the deal was that carrington would pay back the loan. there would also receive 40% of weekly profits. but it was money that he never saw. he claims that carrington owes him a total of over $300,000. he says that airing 10 -- arrington won't return his phone calls. after trying the attorneys with no calls back, they tried to t
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)